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Cat & Genny (Cable Avoidance) 1 Day Course

CAT & Genny (Cable Avoidance) 1 Day Course

LP Training offers a comprehensive one-day on-site course in Stratford upon Avon, focusing on training operatives in the proper operation of the Cable Avoiding Tool (CAT) and Signal Generator (Genny). 

These essential tools are utilised for locating underground cables and services. It is imperative to ensure that operators receive adequate training to minimise the risk of accidents and errors.

The course is specifically designed for individuals who frequently use the cable avoiding tool and signal generator (genny) on-site to locate underground cables and pipes. LP Training recognises the common occurrence of these tools being used by untrained staff, which can lead to potentially hazardous situations. Through this specialised course, delegates will gain a comprehensive understanding of the correct operation and functions of the equipment.

The one-day training programme includes in-depth discussions on the theory of cable location, interpreting controls and display indications, calibration, and pre-use tests. Participants will learn the proper operation of power and radio modes, ensuring compatibility between C.A.T. and genny, and mastering various operational techniques. Emphasis will also be placed on the use of supplied accessories and sonde, along with maintaining result accuracy.

Upon successful completion of the course, delegates will undergo a short written test. Additionally, LP Training will provide a course handout summarising the covered topics for future reference. Delegates who pass the assessment will be awarded a training certificate and a photo ID card, showcasing their competency in safely and effectively operating the equipment in Stratford upon Avon and beyond.

Cat & Genny Course includes:

  • Theory of cable location
  • Controls and display indications
  • Calibrating, and pre-use tests
  • Operation of power and radio modes
  • Compatibility between C.A.T. and Genny Operational techniques
  • Use of accessories supplied
  • Use with sonde Accuracy of results