What is a CPCS card?

Plant Operator Training

If you’re new to the construction industry understanding the requirements for different roles can be confusing and the specifics behind the qualifications even more so. In this article we will be discussing what is a CPCS card, what’s the purpose of the qualification is and how you can get one.


What is a CPCS card?

A CPCS card is an industry recognised qualification that provides its holder proof of their skills and competencies within the plant sector. The card itself can act as both a form of identification while on site and a proof of competency within a particular role or with specific plant. This scheme ensures that those who work with plant are adequately qualified to do so in a safe and professional manner.

The Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) is run by an organisation called the Construction Industry Training Board or CITB. The qualification was created to raise the standard competency of workers who work with plant.


What is plant?

Plant is the machinery that construction workers work with and operate, typically on building sites. This is why people who work these machines are often referred to as “Plant Operators”.

Varies Pieces of Plant Equipment

Examples of Plant include:

– Dumper Trucks

– 360 Excavators (Tracked & Wheeled)

– Cranes

– Loading Shovels

– Ride on Rollers

– Bull Dozers


What are CPCS Cards purposes?

So now that we have answered the questions “What is a CPCS Card” and “What is plant” you may be wondering what the purpose of the qualification is. The purpose of this ticket is to create high standards of work within the plant industry. This is because a CPCS card proves that an individual has been assessed to meet the skill and health & safety requirements of the qualification. If an individual holds a CPCS card it provides an assurance of skill for employers and potential employers.

Additionally, once a CPCS card has been acquired the qualification will need to be renewed within 5 years. This helps to preserve the high industry standard. If you are looking to renew your card, LP Training provide CPCS card renewal services.


Why do I Need a CPCS Card?

Building Site with Cranes and Plant

Though not a legal requirement to operate plant, a CPCS card is essential for many plant operators working on building sites around the UK. This is because many employers list the qualification as a requirement to ensure a high level of onsite health & safety. Additionally, this qualification provides confidence to employers as it proves the level of competency held by the worker.


How to get a CPCS Card?

Before you can apply for a CPCS card there are several requirements you may be required to complete the following:

– A HS&E test
– Hold relevant NVQ’s
– A specific CPCS training course for your category
– A Technical test for the correct category


Now you should be fully aware of what a CPCS Card is and how to obtain one. To find out more about this process or if you just have some questions visit the Contact Logical Page or utilise the live chat to get in touch with one of our training and assessment experts.