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Triple Bar – Nuclear New Build Sites

  • LocationCompass House, off Huntworth Road, North Petherton, Bridgwater, TA6 6FA
  • VenueLP Training Suite
Limited Availability

Triple Bar Nuclear New Build Sites – What does the course involve?

This is a test that is aimed at those who wish to obtain the ability to work at Triple Bar Nuclear New Build Sites. This test is essential for all those who wish to work on the Nuclear New Build Sites as it shows that individuals have memorised key aims that have been set out in training before going on site. All those who work on the New Build Sites have have completed this training before the beginning of their on site induction.

These tests last for 30 minutes and contain 27 multiple-choice questions.
There are three units, these can be seen below:
 - Basic Common Induction Standard (BCIS) 
- Basic Nuclear Industry Context (BNIS) 
- Basic Nuclear Industry Behaviours (BNIB)
 For further information on this subject please contact us on 01454 279903.